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Load & Braking Capacity Chart
There are laws which govern when a trailer must be fitted with brakes.

Definition:  GTM (Gross Towing Mass) is the mass transmitted to the ground by the tyres of the trailer when coupled to a towing vehicle and carrying the maximum load recommended by the trailer manufacturer or importer approximately uniformly distributed over the load bearing area.
  1. Trailers that do not exceed 750 Kg GTM with a single axle require no brakes to be fitted
  2. Trailers from 750 Kg up to 2 Tonnes GTM, require an efficient braking system to be fitted to at least one axle. Over-run brakes may only be fitted to trailers that do not exceed 2 Tonnes GTM. Except for over-run brakes, all brakes must be operable from the driver's seat. Over-run brakes may only be used on trailers that do not exceed 2 Tonnes GTM
  3. All trailers over 2 Tonnes GTM must have brakes operating on all wheels. These brakes must have an electric controller and must also be fitted with an electronic breakaway system
The Gross Towing Mass (i.e. for trailers over 750 Kg GTM) must not exceed the braking capacity of the trailer. The braking capacity per axle is determined by the brake type and size.

Brake Types can be as Follows:
     With all three brake types the brake size and diameter will determine the maximum braking capacity

Please click on the Load & Braking Capacity Chart (.pdf) link below, to calculate the type and size of brakes required for your trailer. You must ensure that the Gross Towing Mass of the trailer does not exceed the "braking capacity" of the trailer.

Load & Braking Capacity Chart